Amberlyn the Octaloon

Full Name: Amberlyn

Species: Aqualoon; octaloon

Location: Aqualakes; lakes

Description: Amberlyn has long brown hair and eyes with seaweed clothing. Her waist has six tentacles that resemble a skirt and her arms are tenticles as well. She has two feet which are webbed and have a good heart compared to most aqualoons who are angry.

Habitat: Initially born and raised in the flooded flowers since her habitat was destroyed. But, when the aqualakes come back she grows larger and eats the candy flavored seaweed along with her mom.

In the following books: 1. Lark’s End 2. The Invisibles 6. Return of the King 9. There’s Always a Beginning (mentioned)

Important to the story because: She helps Tahmi and sees people for who they could be.

Related to: Shasa (mom)

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