Idris the Steel

Full Name: Idris the Steel

Species: Aqualoon; a steel

Location: Flooded Flowers/Aqualakes; lakes and rivers

Idris decides to help

Description: Steels have human torsos with eel-like tails with flowing fins for arms and along the tail. They all have starfish on their heads (for specific purpose) and hate socializing

in general. Idris is blue and changable just as her coloring suggests.

Habitat: Initially trapped in the flooded flowers hiding with her husband Carnevole in an old mushroom dwelling (since her habitat was destroyed) But, when the aqualakes come back her eggs grow larger and are able to hatch. She eats the candy flavored seaweed and unlike most steels Idris loves to socialize.

In the following books: 1. Lark’s End 2. The Invisibles 3. Melissa’s Revenge 4. Transition 6. Return of the King 8. Teri’s Request

Important to the story because: Spoiler if known

Related to: Carnevole (husband)

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