Mr. Owl

Mr. Owl

Full Name: Mr. Howell Jones aka Mr. Owl

Species: Human Owl

Location: Country Town

Description: Once a member of Queen Maryanne’s Royal Guard, Mr. Howell Jones was transformed into an owl for being to ‘smart’ for his own good (according to Mary) and now lives in a sequioa tree in Country Town with the Worker Loonies. He is short, feathered and wears spectales with hawaiin shirts.

In the following books: 1. Lark’s End 2. The Invisibles 3. Melissa’s Revenge 5. The War of the Queens 7. Maya Angelou Baker

Important to the story because: Spoiler if known

Related to: Spoiler if known

Quotables: “I oughtta eat whoever fell into my speakers!”

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