Elan the Aeriopod

Full Name: Elan

Species: Merloonie; aeriopod/weed

Location: Merworld; Aerioweeds

Description: Elan is a male aeriowpod. At the top of his long sticklike body is a bubble of air where a land creature may sit while under water in Merworld. Elan was first Mary’s pod but he decided she was bad and doesn’t want another person to ever ‘use’ him again–that is until he meets Tahmi. Something about her is different. He has purple eyes and there are sticks for easy manuveration inside the air bubble for his riders.

In the following books: 2. The Invisibles 5. War of the Queens 6. The Return of the King 7. Maya Angelou Baker 9. There’s Always a Beginning

Important to the story because: He was the first aeriopod ever.

Related to: Pattay (wife)

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