Coral Castle

The Coral Castle

The Coral Castle

In the Coral Castle lives King Aaron and his son Prince Aiden. The King’s Advisers live within the walls of the castle as well as the Royal Guards. They serve to protect the king from ‘inside’ the castle walls. Outside Clamps, Rardians, Flaps and Wraunaloons guard the king from anyone who dares to enter!

The Inhabitants surrounding the Coral Castle:

CLAMPS: The backs of them are clam shells but the front of them are human/frog with frog feet!

RARDIANS: When hiding they look like weeds or a sea plant but opened up and they are lionfish mers.

FLAPS: They look like venus fly traps from behind but turned around and they are half human with venus flytrap hands and a round lower body and dragon feet.

WRAUNALOONS: tall seagrass creatures with pirahna heads.

Characters of Importance: King Aaron and Prince Aiden of Book 2 The Invisibles.

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