King Aaron of Merworld

Full Name: King Aaron of Merworld

Species: King Merloonie

Location: Merworld; Coral Castle

Description: King Aaron’s tail is white and speckled with purple. He wears a cloak of seaweed with a coral crown in his purple hair. His eyes are red and he never smiles now that his wife has died.

Habitat: King Aaron lives in the coral castle with is son Aiden. The castle is guarded by flaps, Rardians, Clamps and Wraunaloons. He eats candy flavored seaweed and is very bored inside his castle prison. He misses his wife who he says is ‘dead’.

In the following books: 1. Lark’s End (mentioned) 2. The Invisibles and 8. Teri’s Request

Important to the story because: Partially a spoiler to know; he is King of Merworld

Related to: Aiden (son)

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