Prince Aiden of Merworld

Full Name: Prince Aiden of Merworld

Species: 1/3 human 1/3 monster 1/3 merloonie

Location: Merworld; Coral Castle

Description: Aiden is striking in appearance with light hair, gills on his muscular form and dark, piercing eyes. He is strong and has characteristic of his mother and father which he tries to hid from others.

Habitat: Prince Aiden lives in the coral castle with is father Aaron. The castle is guarded by flaps, Rardians, Clamps and Wraunaloons. He eats candy flavored seaweed, spends a lot of time near Amore Mountain and misses his mom.

In the following books: 2. The Invisibles 3. Melissa’s Revenge 4. Transition 5. The War of the Queens 8. Teri’s Reuest  and 9. There’s Always a Beginning

Important to the story because: He is the Prince of Merworld and in love with an important character.

Related to: King Aaron (father), Lily (mother), Mary (grandmother)

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