Princess Melissa

Full Name: Princess Melissa Andrews

Species: 1/2 human 1/2 Gadaenite

Location: Muddy Palace/Silver Palace

Description: Melissa has brown hair and brown eyes. Her eyes can turn orange as well. She is the most beautiful princess and detests all those she considers to be ‘lower lifeforms’. Her only softspots are Missy and eventually Tahmi.

In the following books: 2. Lark’s End 3. Melissa’s Revenge 4. Transition 9. There’s Always a Beginning

Important to the story because: She is Tahmi’s older sister.

Related to: Maryanne (mother) Chrysmys (half sister) Teri, Diane & Tahmi (sisters) Stahme (grandfather) Emihe (aunt) Mary (great-grandmother)

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