Below you’ll find the lead characters in Book One: Lark’s End (The Fall of Gadaie). For a list of all character in book one they’ve been placed in alphabetical order: A-E, F-L, M-Q and R-Z.

(pronounced Tammy)

Tahmi has long blonde hair with blue eyes that resemble the ocean. She is the youngest princess and heir to the throne.


Andy has light brown hair, freckles and brown eyes. He lives next door to Tahmi on Earth and is her best friend and a very loyal and passionate person


Jerry has brown hair and green eyes, he’s fifteen but tries to act older. He’s not very fond of the Royal family but hopes Tahmi will be different somehow. He accompanies Tahmi in many books.


Trusty was once a human but now he’s been transformed into a brown horse by Mary. She uses him as a laborer for the war horses. He’s very kind and fatherly to Tahmi and the others. He isn’t a war horse but has more heart than all of them put together.


Teri is the older raven twin princess. She has long jet black hair, eyes and olive skin. She’s the nice twin who struggles to stay that way as she transitions.


Sandy was once a human warrior in Queen Mary’s Resistance Army. Mary transformed her into a white, flying Arabian horse with gray eyes. She is a bit haughty (just as she was when she was human) but because of the goo, Sandy doesn’t remember who she was or what her secret is…

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