Book One Lark’s End

Here is a list of all the various species, Note: For specific character pictures and descriptions please view by alphabetical order under A-E, F-L, M-Q and R-Z.

Various Species

There are 3 main types of Loonies. There is Land, and two different water types (Mer and Aqua). Here is a list of the various creatures and where they exist. Please see map:

Land Loonies –  The 7 sub species

The following are the 7 Sub-species of LAND LOONIES listed by Habitat and  Location.

Doc Loonies 

Doc Loonies live in the realm of Candy Loo Land in the city called  Hospital Town. Hospital town floats above the Aqualakes, has tall steel buildings filled with glass and mirrors, it’s high tech and a hustling city.

Invisible Loonies

Invisible Loonies live in the realm of  Candy Loo Land  and stay wherever they please as they are invisible and don’t really appear to take up space.

Baker  Loonies

Baker Loonies live in the realm of Candy Loo Land and reside on Candy Lane along with Missy the Cat. They are bakers and live inside homes made of candy. They have rosy cheeks, blonde hair and in replace of a hand–a cooking utensil.

Worker Loonies   

Worker Loonies live in the realm of Candy Loo Land and reside in Country Town. They wear flannel shirts and have yellow faces with tools as their ‘hand’. Mr. Owl resides there too.

Fun  Loonies

Fun Loonies live in the realm of Candy Loo Land and usually reside in Funhouse Zone, a place where you must take a roller coaster ride to your mushroom home! Jerry and Jon Landers live here with them. Fun Loonies like to play and sometimes are multicolored or have skates for feet.

Crazy Loonies

Crazy Loonies live in the realm of Candy Loo Land  and reside throughout the largest part of the realm; Loonyville. The mist does not affect them, they are crazy and live like birds. The Crazies vary from robotic to creatures with umbrellas instead of tails.Many live in shacks (bird nests for beds) high up on top of a gigantic tree, others in egg-shaped homes on the ground.

Convict Loonies

Convict Loonies live in the realm of No Where Zone and due to Queen Emihe’s generosity, reside in Convict Town, a place the humans once dwelled in. The convicts are various loonies who chose to take Queen Mary’s side against Queen Maryanne and now they are not welcome in Candy Loo Land.


The following are the 9 Sub-species of MERLOONIES listed by Habitat and  Location.

Note: Only the following are in book one: The King(mentioned), Advisor and the Royal Guard. Details on the others will be given in the future!


Rips, merloonies from Merworld/Mer Town; Squee,merloonies from Merworld/Mer Town; Wrauna,merloonies from Merworld/Wrauna Forest; Aeriopod, merloonies from  Merworld/Aerioweeds; Flaps, merloonies from  Merworld/Coral Castle; Clamps, merloonies from Merworld/Coral Castle; Rardians, merloonies from Merworld/Coral Castle; Mers, merloonies from Merworld/Mer Town; Dogos, merloonies from MerworldWrauna Forest.

Book One

King Aaron       

King Aaron is a Mer and lives in Merworld trapped in his Coral Castle by Mary. He is only mentioned in book one by the Advisor Loonies and Royal Guard.

King Aaron’s tail is white and speckled with purple. He wears a cloak of seaweed with a coral crown in his purple hair. His eyes are red and he never smiles now that his wife has died.

Advisor Merloonies

Advisor Merloonies are Mers who reside in Merworld. They advise the King in the Coral Castle and are his closest friends.

The two main Advisors are Ren and Quan.

Royal Guards
The Royal Guards protect the inhabitants of Merworld. They live in a volcano that explodes heart shaped lava bits called Amore Mount. They are Mers that resemble monster-like fish with beta fish fins. There are 3 main Royal Guards: Nerio, Neria and Wiley.


The following are the 9 Sub-species of AQUALOONS listed by Habitat and  Location.

Note: IN BOOK ONE, all the below species live in the Flooded Flowers, by book two, they are back in their original habitats!


Spitos (no picture available) are clam-like creatures that spit oil when scared. They live in the Aqualakes and connecting Lakes & Rivers.


Blowgels are similar to jellyfish only, they puff up and reveal spikes when upset or frightened. They live in the Aqualakes and in the connecting Lakes & Rivers.


Steels have human torsos with eel-like tails with flowing fins for arms and along the tail. They all have starfish on their heads (for a specific purpose) and hate socializing in general. Steels reside in the Aqualakes  and connecting Lakes & Rivers.


Octaloons have human faces and torsos, wears seaweed clothing. Their waists have six tentacles that resemble a skirt and their arms are tentacles as well. Their two feet are webbed.  They live in the  Lakes & Rivers connected to the Aqualakes.


Hammerloons  vary by gender. Males have a hammerhead, human torso and arms with gills and a shark-like tail with dorsal fins. Females resemble a shark with dorsal fins and has a household hammer on top of their heads. Unlike the males, they do not have any arms. Both gender have human-like torsos. They live in the mountains of the Aqualakes called Hammer Mount.


Needleloons are birdlike fish with long needle noses. They live in the Aqualakes and connecting Lakes and Rivers.


Snaps have human torsos but a red crab body with hand claws and a jellyfish head. They are very small in book one but  grow enormous when back in their original habitat. Snaps live in the Aqualakes and connecting  Lakes & Rivers. They bicker with each other a lot.


Gups are colorful fish with large eyes. They live in the Aqualakes and in the connecting  Lakes & Rivers.


Seashorses are seahorses (giants) that live in the Aqualakes and connecting Lakes & Rivers.

Animal Life

In the various realms, the only living animals are called ‘Ones’. There’s Colored Ones, Black Ones and other creatures that fall in this category.

In Candy Loo Land, the ‘Ones‘ are colorful–beautiful and varied. They live in what remains of the Gigantic Flowers. There’s several kinds such as Loonettes, Loons, Loonders, and Loonypillars.

In The Muddy Palace Realm, Black Ones live in either the Black One’s Cave or in Luster Low with the Stars.  The Scorpions live in Luster Low (except for one named Ot’tai). The Roaches, Wasps, and Rollie Pollies live in the Black One’s Caves.


Sparklers are giant butterflies that have exploding wings (fireworks shoot from them) Their young are called sparvae. The live in the sparkler’s Caves behind the Silver Palace in Candy Loo Land.


There are two types of War Pigs in book one. Human and animal. Both resemble each other. Most of the the human War Pigs live in the Outcast Mountains of the Muddy Palace Realm. The animal War Pigs reside (with a few human War Pigs) in the Warpig Forest of the Muddy Palace Realm.

Aerial Animals


There are two types of stars. In book one, we meet the ones that live in Luster Low of the Muddy Palace Realm. They all have green glowing eyes and wear clothing made of moss. Some have gems and miniature flowers peeking through their moss clothing. Their exterior wings are bat-like and their interior wings are butterfly-like. They also have talons that hook into the walls on the tips of her wings. Stars light the sky through the air caves.


There are 6 human mutations that should be noted and they are: A Persian cat from Candy Loo Land residing in Candy Lane, an Owl from Candy Loo Land residing in Country Town, Horses from Candy Loo Land  residing in Farmhouse Circle, War Horses from Candy Loo Land residing in Farmhouse Circle, Warpigs from the Muddy Palace Realm  residing in either the Outcast Mountains or the Warpig Forest and, a Donkey from the  Muddy Palace Realm.


Gadaenites are beautiful in appearance. Some hold powers or special abilities. They live underground out of sight in an underground world they call ‘Gadaie’.

There is 1 other sub specie of Gadaenites. They lives in the War Rat Forest and aren’t mentioned until book four.
Extinct Species – revealed in book 6 Return of the King


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