Muddy Palace Realm


The Muddy Palace Realm

At one time, the land was filled with life. Most of that life is extinct and what does remain is not pretty. This is the most destroyed part of Gadaie. Mary thought she’d wiped everyone and everything out. However, some life does still exist here.

The Environment

1. Outcast Mountains: the home of all human war pigs who were able to resist the ‘voice’. They live in this region away from the ‘voice’.

2. War Rat Forrest: See book four for further details.

3. Muddler’s Lake: Once a beautiful lake filled with Aqualoons but now it is a place where the evil Lorcan hangs out.

4. Mudslide River: Once a river that flowed through all the lands. Now it is filled with mud and only muddlers can swim through it.

5. Muddy Palace:  Once a beautiful golden castle with human royals now it is a broken castle covered in mud. It is home to the evil Lark and many human war pigs.

6. Black Ones Cave: The black one’s once lived in the underground caves but when Gadaie was destroyed the Gadaenites kicked them out of their home. They now live in this cave—those who are left.

7. Luster Low: In a valley covered in soggy moss there are chopped dow sequoia trees. If you can find the secret entrance you’ll be inside Luster Low—the land of the stars. Here is where Alina lives along with the floating veggie caves and underground tunnels of Gadaie.

8. Black Lake: Once home to an extinct species, the black lake is only a pool of oil and is where Tahmi and Teri fall. Will they become extinct as well?

9. The Caves: On their first visit to the Muddy Palace Realm, caves welcome them to rest and ready themselves for more of the unknown.

10. War Pig Forrest: this is the home of the non-human war pigs. They live in the dead trees in makeshift shacks. This was once a thriving Gadaenite tree village.

11. Gadaie: At one time, this area was filled with waterloon trees and home to Aqualoons. Now, it is just a puddle of mud with only the stumps of the beautiful waterloon trees. One stump leads to the underground caves that belonged to the ‘black ones. Here is where the Gadaenites live.


Inhabitants of the Muddy Palace Realm

  • War Pigs
  • War Rats
  • The “Black Ones”
  • Stars
  • Muddlers
  • Lark
  • The imprisoned Princesses

The Extinct Life

  • Waterloon Trees
  • Gadaenite Tree Villages
  • Sequioas
  • Gigantic Flower beds
  • Aqualoon pools
  • Unknown waterlife [until book 6]

*Still a work in Progress* ;o) The main portion of the world I still have to do.****

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