Luster Low

Farming Caves of Luster Low

Luster Low

Luster Low: In a valley covered in soggy moss there are chopped down sequoia trees. If you can find the secret entrance you’ll be inside Luster Low—the land of the stars. Here is where Alina lives along with the floating veggie caves and underground tunnels of Gadaie.

Stars of Importance:

Alina: She is the first star ever created and an important person to Tahmi.Stars light the world through the Air Caves; invisible caves that run throughout all of Gadaie.

Eliora: She is Alina’s eldest daughter, remembers the ‘past’ and serves the queen when she grows older.

Ziv: He loves to assist Tahmi no matter how afraid he is or how mean she becomes with him.


Blake the Star






See point 7 on the map below for Luster Low’s Location


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