Alina the 1st Star

Full Name:
Alina the first Star

Species: Star

Location: Luster Low

Description: Physical features: Alina has blond hair and green glowing eyes. Her body covering (or “clothes”) has gems and miniature flowers peeking through moss. Her exterior wings are bat-like and her interior wings are pink and green; butterfly-like. Alina also has talons that hook into the walls on the tips of her wings.

Excerpt from Book One Lark’s End:

“Her face was nearly human with large glowing green eyes and long wavy blond strands hung from her head and around a petite body. Her ivory arms and legs stuck to her winged back. She wore a dress made of moss and rubies stringed her neck and miniature flowers wrapped around her bosom.”

Habitat: Alina and her children live underground in caves named Luster Low. Food is farmed by the young stars who are unable to light the world yet. The food then floats to the top of the cave where it can be reached by a floating staircase and anti-gravity. These caves run throughout the Muddy Palace Realm. The ground around the waterfall and pool of water is spongie and filled with miniature flowers that the adult stars flutter onto and sleep in.

In the following books: In all 9 books (at least mentioned)

Important to the story because: She is the first star ever created and an important person to Tahmi.Stars light the world through the Air Caves; invisible caves that run throughout all of Gadaie.

Related to: Eliora, Dawn and Blake; her children

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