Dawn the Star

Full Name: Dawn the Star

Species: Star

Location: Luster Low

Description: Dawn has bouncy red curls, wears moss held together by a string of yellow rosebuds and opals line her coverings. Dawn’s interior wings are soft to the touch, almost like rabbit fur and a shimmering teal. She wears opals around her neck and in her hair as well.

Habitat: Dawn, her mom and siblings live underground in caves named Luster Low. Food is farmed by the young stars who are unable to light the world yet. The food then floats to the top of the cave where it can be reached by a floating staircase and anti-gravity. These caves run throughout the Muddy Palace Realm. The ground around the waterfall and pool of water is spongie and filled with miniature flowers that the adult stars flutter onto and sleep in.

In the following books: 1. Lark’s End 9. There’s Always a Beginning

Important to the story because: She is Alina’s daughter.

Related to: Blake and Eliora (siblings) and Alina (mom)

Quotables: “When I grow up I’m going to light the sky by your castle. You’ll never be in the dark with me above you.”

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