Queen Emihe


Full Name: Queen Emihe Adler of No Where Zone

Species: Gadaenite

Location: Bronze Castle of No Where Zone

Description: Emihe (pronounced “M”) has green eyes that can transform into dark brown. She wears green dresses and her brown hair is in curls around the bronze crown that she wears. Emihe hates her younger sister Maryanne and vows to destroy her for “all the wrong” she’s done.

In the following books: All 9 Books

Important to the story because: Emihe is the villain that at first you hate but eventually grow to love… (doesn’t change what she is though!)

Related to: Stahme (father) Maryanne (sister) Mary (grandmother) Chrysmys, Melissa, Teri, Diane & Tahmi (nieces)

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