The Environment

Earth has grown into a greener planet with a high dependence on technology. People live in communities that reflect the 1950’s but with a futuristic lifestyle dependent on computer programs and robotic creations.

The People

The children who initially grow up in this new environmental concept attempt to speak in an older language just as those of the 1950’s did using words like ‘dear’ and ‘my darling’. As the world grows and changes the younger generation sounds more ‘real’.

Charles and Donna with Peg and David

1st Generation Characters
Donna Russo
Charles Russo
Maya Angelou Baker
Peg Vitali
David Vitali

2nd Generation Characters
Tahmelia ‘Tahmi’ Russo
Angelou ‘Andy’
Eric Vitali

Some Futuristic Elements Fount in Book One – Lark’s End

  • The roads are in transition. Most now have cars that automatically drive themselves. Those who choose to use manual transportation tend to create accidents and insist that their vehicles are actually better; claiming dependence on technology is wrong or a disadvantage.
  • Hover boards are the new public transportation. They run along a track in the main streets but hover in the neighborhoods. These devices can return to location without human assistance. Hover boards are metal with a long handle bar. Here the rider can insert their bank stick, pay and tell the computer where they want to go. An advanced form of GPS takes them where they request. Sometimes the hover board malfunctions or the roads are not suitable for travel. The rider can input a complaint and the travel system ‘learns’ and ‘corrects’ the problems.
  • Bank sticks are how persons pay for items outside the home. There is no such thing as paper money any longer (Except for a very older generation who refuses to change and this isn’t seen until book six). Bank tellers work from a bank, auditing purchase records and loading ‘credits’ to each person. Their job is to know when to ‘freeze’ a person’s ability to buy when they seem to spend beyond their means. (More about this in book three)
  • Holograms are the new bulletin boards and sidewalks only move in schools, overly populated areas and along highways. There are flaws to the system but these aren’t discussed until later in future books.
  • Homes are made to look old and from a cleaner era such as 1950. Builders use recycled materials and place them in green areas away from the glass and steel cities where people only work, shop and attend school. The world now feels that living in cities is bad for the health and overall development of a person. This idea is still new and there are many places who still function as in previous years in cities and condominium developments (mostly the elderly).
  • Hospitals have human personnel who maintain the Robotic help. One example is of a DOA (Digital Obstetrician Assistant); robots who now take care of human life in crisis such as pregnancies. There are very few actual doctors on site. They now program their DOA’s with the appropriate information. Doctors now ‘maintain’ computers who do their job for them.
  • In the home, their are televisions that allow you to purchase right from your home and medicine is electronically dispensed from the medicine cabinet; if the dosage requested is valid of course.
  • The only ‘paper’ bound books available are antiques. Everything is ‘green’ and digital.


Lead and Sub Characters on Earth

Leading Characters include:

  • Tahmelia “Tahmi” Andrews/Russo who was not born on earth but in Gadaie. She is sent to earth for ‘protection’. Her real last name is Andrews but when Donna and Charles adopt her she gains their last name “Russo”. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. The pronunciation of her nickname is TAH am-MEE.Her personality is never constant and sometimes she seems to be a dark force rather than a good one. Time will only tell…
  • Angelo “Andy” is Tahmi’s best friend and he lives next door with his mother and father; Peg and David. He is named Angelo after Donna’s missing teen sister; Maya Angelou Baker. He has spiked light hair with freckles and light brown eyes. His character is stable. Although he picks on Tahmi and sometimes seems a little cutthroat he isn’t. He doesn’t understand or want to understand the world to which he’s been thrust into but his loyal personality forces him to be of help to his best friend and also new friends and even strangers along the way.
  • Donna Baker/Russo is small and delicate with light brown eyes and hair. She loves being a mother but appears weak whenever disaster strikes.
  • Charles Russo has dark hair and eyes and dresses sharply as a banker would. He loves statistics and his family. Sometimes he doesn’t “get it” but means well in all that he does.

Side Characters Include:

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