Full Name: Princess Tahmelia Andrews/Tahmelia “Tahmi” Russo

Species: 1/2 human 1/2 Gadaenite

Location: Earth/Gadaie

Description: Tahmi has long blonde hair with blue eyes that resemble the ocean. She is the youngest princess and heir to the throne.

In the following books: 1. Lark’s End 2. The Invisibles 3. Melissa’s Revenge 4. Transition 5. War of the Queens 6. The Return of the King 8. Teri’s Request 9. There’s Always a Beginning

Important to the story because: She is the only one who can save Gadaie from Mary’s destruction.

Related to: Donna & Charles (adopted parents) Maryanne (mother) Teri, Diane & Melissa (sisters) Chrysmys (half sister) Mary (great-grandmother) Stahme (grandfather) Emihe (aunt) Dad (father)

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