The Land of Goo

Land of Goo

This is a land that was once a lush garden with fruit trees, crops, meadows and streams. But, twelve years ago, the land was covered in an orange goo substance that has the ability to drown a person and blocks all things except certain fruits from growing. The goo also emits a scent making the inhabitants forget their past. In order to remember you must submerse yourself into the goo.  This is also the only land that connects all three major lands of Gadaie.

  • The goo tastes like orange jello.
  • There’s gigantic strawberries and bananas deep inside.
  • The goo makes you forget.


1.       The New Garden: A mysterious garden arrives   after a battle…

2.        The Orange Goo: This goo covers virtually all of the land here.

3.      The Graveyard: In a large hole there are hundreds of bones belonging to those whome Queen Mary was able to kill before being trapped in The Land of the Monsters.

4.      The Wood and Rope Bridge: This is an old, ancient wood plank bridge held together by rotting rope. The bridge leads you out of the Goo and into Candy Loo Land—the last nearly untouched world.

5.      The Red Brick Bridge: A cobblestone path and a red brick barrier on each side, the Red Brick Bridge serves as an entrance to the middle world, No Where Zone.

6.      The Golden Bridge: The Golden Bridge has an iron railing, gold block pathway and a Weeping Willow Tree in its center. This bridge is the entrance to the Muddy Palace Realm.

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