This is an underground world that is not visible from above. The only way to gain access to the Mistlands is through the aircaves[1]. Most inhabitants believe that once you enter the Mistlands you are forever trapped.

The world is enclosed by rocks. No one really knows how someone gets trapped here normally. It is like an enormous cave that has water coming from unexplainable places.

The only way you can see the Mistlands without being trapped is through the aircaves.

 Inhabitants of the Mistlands:

  • Those who fall from the bridges.
  • By looking into the mist.
  • Anyone who Lorcan[2] and Quella[3] entrap there.
  • Others by unknown methods in book one…


[1] Aircaves are invisible tunnels in the sky that connect all the various worlds together. This is where the stars stay while they light the world around them.

[2] Lorcan is a muddler and he lives in Muddler’s Lair.

[3] Quella is a Sparkler and she lives in the Sparklers’ Caves.

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