The Land of the Monsters

Land of the Monsters

Queen Mary of the Monsters

Land of the Monsters

This is where the evil Queen Mary is trapped. When she ruled, anything ugly or monstrous was sent to this small island. This is also where she originates from…

Characters & Species

Those who reside in the Land of the Monsters (book one only):

  • Queen Mary (Father’s biological daughter whom he experiments on prior to her becoming a queen)
  • Lilly(Queen Mary’s mother and also one of Father’s favorite to test his experiments on)

    Lily Trapped

  • Alex (a young boy, about ten, who is experimented on most by Father)
  • Father (an evil scientist who adopts children so that he can experiment on them)
  • The Monsters (Father’s original experiments gone awry)

The Map & Legend


1.  The Perfume Factory: This is where the story begins. The perfume factory is really Father’s science lab where he experiments on young Mary, Alex, Lily and others.

2.  The Cave of Monsters: Most of Father’s initial creations live here because they are too hideous for the others to look at.

3.  The Forest: This is a forest where the rabid dogs reside.

4.  Gold Bridge: Connects to Merworld

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