Mary of the Monsters

Full Name: Queen Mary of the Monsters

Species: human mutant

Location: The Land of the Monsters; Perfume Factory

Description: Mary has blonde hair and blue eyes. She was created by Father as a test tube subject. Her mother Lily only carried the fetus but feels strongly that Mary is her daughter even though they have no biological ties. Mary was bred as a weapon of destruction. Her full potential never realized until she grew up and suffered great loses. Unfortunately, the world of Gadaie suffers her destruction.

In the following books: All 9 books

Important to the story because: She is the creator and destroyer of Gadaie

Related to: Stahme (son) Maryanne & Emihe (grandchildren) Chrysmys, Melissa, Teri, Diane & Tahmi (great-grandchildren) Lily (‘mother’) Father (‘father’) Alex (‘brother’)

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